Monday, September 29, 2008

Orange Pumpkin

This one is an orange one. Hubby said the other one was pretty but he thought pumpkins were orange. I made an orange one this time. These are just so easy to make. Don't take much to make them either. Believe it or not, I had a time finding scraps to stuff this one. You would think with me quilting I would have all kinds but I throw away all the small pieces and give the customers back their left over batting. I was about to tear into a pillow to get enough to stuff it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Patchwork Pumpkin

Here's the latest! This evening I made one of the Patchwork Pumpkins they did at Camp Caleb. Had much fun doing this. It went together well. Seams matched well on top and bottom of pumpkin. I had not expected it to be so easy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coffee Filter Basket

Today was the last day at Camp Caleb. We all had a GREAT time! We learned lots of new things this year. Tuesday we did Simple Appliqué, which was time consuming. If you do it that way it looks so good but you have to have a real interest in it. I am afraid I like quilting and strip piecing to good to take the time to do much appliqué, time will tell. I had a very good teacher.

Wednesday I did the Appli-Bond method like the picture on my blog. I loved it! I have another pattern for it that I got at a yard sale. I think I will be doing that someday when I get some other UFO's done.

Today, was basket day. We made a coffee filter basket and finished it. I got mine to small at the top and the lid don't fit to good. I hope I can sand the lid down some and it will fit beter. It just likes a little fitting.

Yesterday they made snowmen from slabs. They painted them and made faces on them. They were really pretty. They also had a class making a stuffed pumpkin that was really cute. Some of us girls bought a kit and are going to get together and make one. This year our county had a lot of girls participate in the classes. I would encourage more women to become homemakers. Just contact your extension office and they will tell you the dates and times of each meeting.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gypsy Flower

This is what I did in one of the classes at Camp Caleb today. This is named after the teacher. Gypsy is a very good teacher. Can you believe she had about 12 in the class and she had appli-bond all these little pieces and cut them for us! They are about 32 pedals to each, seven leaves and she even cut the bias for the stems. All we did is sew them on and put the border on. It is called Appli-bond and is 3D. Don't look close at the French Knots, I was practicing. heheee. Yesterday I took Simple Applique. Sue was our teacher and she is very good. She had some amazing hangings she had made. I didn't get it finished yet, but plan on doing so soon. Tomorrow I am looking forward to making a coffee filter basket.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Testing a Single Wedding Ring Block

Just doing a test block of the Single Wedding Ring. I tell about this block in a previous post. It is one of those patterns you get and you think you will never get around to it. I can't believe I have made a block of it. It turned out fair but is time consuming but I really would like to have one of these quilts. Only thing I think of is quilting it. I think one like this is for hand quilting and I am not good at that. I just might have to learn. Which this might be the only block I do. I am sure they are a trick to the points in this block that I don't know about. I had finished quilting Ina's quilts and thought this would be a good way to unwind to make this block.

This is a finished top made from the blocks I made when I first started quilting and never did finish. It was a Thimbleberries quilt and I lost the book, it has been that long, never have found it. When the guild was going to do the 4 patch posie quilt using the stack n whack blocks, I thought this would be good to combine these blocks. Now it just needs to be quilted. I already cut the binding for it.

Ina's two quilts

Just completed Ina's two quilts.

Quilting Today

No pictures today, been to busy quilting. Thursday evening I got the "Dutch Girl Quilt" in the frame and half of it quilted before going to bed. Today I got the "Heart Quilt" in the frame after supper and just finished quilting it. I have the binding sewn on the Dutch Girl and ready to sewn down. Ina wants it sewn on the machine. That is good, maybe I can get both quilts binding on tomorrow. I still have to cut it for the Heart Quilt. I have also been working on my stack and whack in between quilting. I had it laying on the bed and needed to get it sewn together. I have one more border to sewn on it and it will be finished. I will have pictures of these things maybe for the next post. Seems strange to not have photo with a post. Afer these quilts are finished I have another Jelly Roll quilt to quilt and put the binding on for Sue. She is on a roll with these quilts.

Next week I will be busy all week, Quilt Guild meeting on Monday and getting hair cut. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I will be going to Camp Caleb each day. Tuesday I am taking a class on Simple Applique. Wednesday will be Appli-Bond Wallhanging. And Thursday making a Coffee Filter Basket.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Jelly Roll of Sue's

Quilted another one of Sue's Jelly Roll quilts. This is a very colorful quilt. I don't know what is wrong with the color on my camera. I just can't get it to make pictures as good as I use to. This is a beautiful quilt. I like the binding on it. This is the first plaid material I have cut on bias but I really like it. It sure added to the quilt. She picked it up today and was very pleased with it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Autumn Snapshot

Just finished quilting the wallhanging I have been working on for about 2 or 3 weeks. I get so many things going at one time. I might cut out a piece or two and go to another project all day long or maybe even wait a week to get back to it. It is finished except for hand sewing the binding on the back. I have it pinned and ready to complete when I am sitting. Probably take it to Pikeville with me tomorrow and work on it on the way. I saw this in the October 2008 Quilters-World magazine and thought it would be nice to have it to hang on the front door. I am not good at applique. I haven't done much of it. I have enjoyed working on this cause I feel like anything goes, didn't worry about getting lines straight or anything.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Single Wedding Ring

I stopped at Ingram's Fabrics today while passing and bought another piece of fabric to go with some that I already had. I have been collecting this to make a "Single Wedding Ring", which is also called "Friendship Circle". Traditionally the pattern, usually done from scraps. Center piece should be white, corner piece, either white or contrasting solid. The others should be many different prints. Some time back I repaired the binding on a quilt for Debbie and liked the quilt so well that I got the pattern with intentions of making one some day. It has total of 208 blocks in it and the small pieces that go around the hexagon.

Make one 5 ½ Hexagon for each center of the block
Make 3 1 ½ x 1 ¾ for each corner a total of 18 around the block
6 Corner Pieces are 1 ¾ on 3 sides
Debbies had 13 blocks across and 16 blocks long

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Last week I went to Floyd Co. Quilt Guild Meeting with a friend and they were working on a quilt, hand quilting it and I have always wanted a picture of a quilt frame with ladies quilting. This was my chance to get it. I often wish I had a picture of my grandmother quilting from hers. She made her frame and would put hooks in the ceiling to hang it and would pull it up when she wasn't quilting.

Put binding on three baby quilts for Julie, did these by machine. I have cut more binding in last week than I have in a month but I love doing bindings. Been thinking about getting a Roxanne thimble. Anyone recommend one. They are expensive but if they work they would be worth it. I have never been able to use a thimble very long at a time. It seems to rub the finger beside it. I don't know why I would think a Roxanne would do any different, other than I have never owned one. When I worked for Quilted Memories Quilt Shop, the owner had one and she loved it. I do have the Roxanne thimble holder that you wear around your neck.

This weekend was Septemberfest in our little town. We went to parade to see our granddaughter. This is her first year in marching band. Of course, we are proud to see her. She is the one in the middle with the spotted socks.

I have quilted another "Teacher's Pet" for Phyllis and put the binding on by hand.

I have even been machine embroidering. I just love to watch my machine sit and work. My cousin sent me a design I had been wanting for some time and I had to sew it out. Haven't used embroidery machine much lately cause I been busy quilting.

Also did a baby quilt for Phyllis. She wanted the binding put on by machine cause it will be washed a lot.

Putting this one in the frame to quilt next for Sue. I have two others to quilt for a lady for her grandchildren. One is a Dutch Girl and the other has Hearts on it.

I have started another quilt. One of the ladies in the quilt guild got me to quilt one like this for her and I liked it and just had to make one. If I continue to make one of all that I quilt I will have a house full soon. Oh well, they are always good to have for gifts. I haven't had a problem with them stacking up so far. Also got a fall wall hanging started. It is appliqué, which I have not done much of.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Halilujah! Halilujah! Halilujah!

Halilujah! Halilujah! Halilujah! It is finished! I sure have took my time on this Double Wedding Ring. First off, I couldn't figure how I was going to quilt it. Alma let that decision to me. I wanted to stitch in the ditch and embroider a design in the middle of the rings. I was so afraid to do it on my regular machine because I was afraid of getting wrinkles in the backing. I can't do stitch in the ditch on my quilt frame. I don't think I will ever do that cause it is hard to do it on a regular machine for me by moving the quilt much less moving the machine with the frame. I have never put binding on a Double Wedding Ring before, therefore I was concerned about that. I cut the binding on this 2 1/8" and sewed it on with 1/4" seam. Could have cut it 2 inches and sewn with a scant quarter inch but I chose the other cause I am not good and scant quarter inch seems, although my new machine has a foot that will allow me to do that. I was afraid to go smaller but that is what I will do next one if I ever do another. It took some long hours sewing the back of the binding by hand. It is a long way around this quilt. I like challenges. I still can't figure why these girls turn me loose on their quilts.