Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quilter's Garden

Just finished putting the binding on Quilter's Garden for Pat. Quilted it this morning, put binding on this afternoon. This is one I would like to make. Of course, I want to make a lot of the ones I see. This one has muslin on the back and it already feels so soft. I just love muslin. My grandmother always used it and I would ask her why she didn't get the bleached. Now I like the unbleached myself. Funny how a person changes their likes and dislikes as they get older.


Kristie said...

Oh, I just love that quilt!!! Very pretty! That looks like one that I would like to do too!

Michelle said...

So pretty, and the quilting looks great!

Connie said...

Hi. love this quilt! I love to do applique quilts, i'm also a Ky quilter. Connie