Saturday, August 30, 2008

Double Wedding Ring Quilted

Got Alma's Double Wedding Ring Quilted. I did the loop de loop. My! I have had this quilt for months seems like. I just hated to quilt it on the machine cause it was hand pieced and she did a great job with it. I now have to put the binding on it. We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Around The World In One Day

Yesterday Martha, Phyllis and I went around the world in one day. We started out at 8am, went to West Virgina Quilts and shopped. Here is some of my finds. Below is a selection of Fall and Christmas samples. Michelle, the owner, has a room full of these card samples. These are mostly Debbie Mumm. I have used these before and they keep their color so well after washing. I am planning on making wall hangings. Yes, I do get carried away when I go that room.

I also got some material to finish my Stacked Posies quilt that I am working on with the guild. This morning I cut binding with the stripes and the green I am putting around each Posie block to make them as large as the blocks I already had made.

We left WV Quilts around 11am going to Guhl's at Jackson, Ohio. We got there around 12:30 and ate at Bob Evan's before going to Guhl's which is in the same plaza. We shopped till about 3:30pm and headed home. Guhl's has the largest selection of fabric I know of in this area. Their material is $2.19 a yard. You can also get muslin that is 90", 97", 110" and 120" inches wide. I got some that is 97" for $2.49 a yard. The price varies by the width. Plan on staying a while when you go there and take cash cause they don't accept checks, bank cards or credit cards.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

36 Blocks Done

These 4-Patch Stacked Posies are so much fun! I started on them this morning and have completed 36 blocks. I just couldn't get up from that machine until they were done. I would think I have to get up and get some work done after I finish this block. Well maybe I can now. Have to add border around all of them after I find material to match cause the ninepatch blocks are 7 1/2" and the Stacked Posies measures 6 1/4".

Monday, August 25, 2008

Quilt Guild Today

Went to Quilt Guild today. We are doing 4-Patch Stacked Posies, designed by Mary Lou hallenbeck. It is a fun block to make. After getting them cut it is very interesting how they look. I am laying down on my job. Didn't take a picture not one today at the meeting. I got all blocks cut, I think about 36 and got 5 sewn together and 4 at home.

I have 28 of these Thimbleberry blocks that I did when I first started quilting. I didn't do the best of a job with them but still going to put them in a quilt.The pattern called for fussy cut blocks of the daisy blocks. I put a couple of them together and was not pleased with the look and put them back until now. I thought I would use this for the Stack and Whack and that way I would be completing a UFO, plus participating with the class. We have one of the best guilds in Eastern Ky. We have a very good teacher that is so patient with us and we appreciate her very much. She works very hard preparing for the classes. She and her mom makes one or two, maybe more of each quilt she teaches so we can see how they look. I think that is so neat for mother and daughter to quilt together. I wish my daughter had the interest in quilting and the time.

We put together a baby quilt for her friend once. She works two jobs and attends classes and that takes up most of her time. She is very active in her professions, EMT and Massage Therapist. After Guild meeting I came home and fixed my step son a birthday dinner. His birthday isn't till Wednesday but he has to work. We all had a good visit.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bias Binding for Double Wedding Ring

What size do you cut your Bias Binding for a Double Wedding Ring? I am going to quilt a Double Wedding Ring Quilt and was wanting your opinions. I usually cut binding 2 1/4 inch, but don't know about Double Wedding Ring. I think I saw or read somewhere that you cut it 2 inches. You input appreciated. Thank You.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Unveiling Jem

Today was a good day! Stephanie, Ernie, Martha and I went to Craft Attic Quilt Shop. My! do they have lots of beautiful fabric! I didn't get anything except some Dream Cotton and a Add a Quarter ruler.

Afterwards we went to THOMAS Sewing Center at Greenup, Ky. All of us bought machines except Ernie. She already has one. I have played around with my machine tonight, just sewing out the decorative stitches it has on it. I am going to love it for taking to guild and to camp. It is so lightweight and has lots of features.

Shopping Trip

Quilted "Teacher's Pet"

Today I quilted "Teacher's Pet" and sewed the binding on. Got one side sewn down by hand. Just don't know where they came up with the name of this quilt. A friend of mine has made about 4 of these and got all her friends making them. They go together fast. Some of us girls are going to quilt shop in the morning and I better call it a day and get in bed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Split Nine Patch

I needed a baby quilt for my neice's shower on Saturday. I am not usually this late doing things but have been working more lately and haven't had time to put one together. I always try to get the quilts quilted when someone brings one to me before I do my projects. I had some of the blocks cut this morning. I cut more and sewed it all together and quilted it before 9:30pm and didn't start till noon. That is the fastest I ever done one. I had found the split nine patch instructions on someones blog the other day and decided to try it, thing is, I only read to the cutting the block in half. Now I can't find the blog again. I don't know how they layed them out but I just spaced them randomly. I have had fun with this one.

Do I Need Another Machine?

They are something about each of these machines that I like. Of course, technology has come a long way and I prefer the Janome's with the needle up and down, the smoothness and quietness of them, needle threader, thread cutter on Janome 1600P, couldn't quilt without that feature. Now I'm wanting a Janome Platinum 760 to carry to quilt guild, classes and camp. I need a light weight machine. I would hope that this one is heavy enough till it don't walk all over the table, if not I don't want it. I will be checking it out at the dealer soon.

This Nelco machine was my grandmothers. My aunt got it after she passed away and recently gave it to me. When I was a young girl I sewed on this a lot. It is a great machine. I use to help my grandmother quilt on this machine. She never did do much pieceing of small pieces. It was large squares just to keep you warm. I didn't really get into quilting until about 2002 and now I quilt about every day. I have always liked to sew.

This Kenmore machine was one of the first machines I had. It was the first new one. I have used it so much and it still sews great, but louder than the Janome's.

The White machine is for sewing heavier fabric. I got it to sew jeans in about 1982 and it has been used a lot.

The Kenmore Serger was purchased in 1998. I don't know how anyone lives without a serger. I use it for everything. When I first got it I didn't know if I would use it very much at all but wanted one really bad. Lots of people had told me they were so hard to thread but once you learn it it is a piece of cake.

I got this old Singer at a yard sale and took it and had it serviced. It works really good, makes a beautiful stitch. I didn't get the manual with it. The machine is all I got. I gave it to my cousin who lived in Florida. She passed away and her husband gave it back to me.

The Janome 4800QC is a very nice machine. It runs so smooth and quiet. It has a lot of decorative stitches on it. I like those for doing vintage things. It also has an alphabet for making quilt labels.

My Janome Memory Craft 9800 is a good embroidery machine. This is another machine I didn't know if I would get much use out of it but I just love watching it sew out the designs. I use it quiet a bit, but not as much after I got the quilting machine. My husband bought it for me in 2003 for my birthday.

And the Janome 1600P, I bought it December 2007 but didn't get it till January 2008. I have quilted about 50 quilts on it since then.

This Singer Treadle machine was given to me from my husbands aunt. It was my husband's grandmother's machine.

This Elgin machine I bought it at a sale the homemakers was having for a fundraiser.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Binding

I think I am on a roll with these bindings. I love doing bindings. Finished another one today on Ernie's Lady Bug Mystery Quilt. That completes two projects of hers. I am sure she will be happy.

We also got another member of the family. My husband got another beagle. This is the cutest puppy! She is so active. She acts like a big dog. Jumped off the porch and fell cause the porch was a little higher than she anticipated but she didn't even act like she fell on her head, just got up and kept running.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Challenge Baby Quilt

Another one quilted. I quilted this one is for Joanne Horn. I don't know the name of it. It is stippled except inside the baby and the rattles. She wanted me to outline inside the applique but I am not that experienced. I stippled close to the applique. I think it is really cute. She did a very good job with the hand stitching. This was made for a challenge.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


On Friday I finished the binding on Ernie's Aunt Betty's Attic. Also sewed the binding on her mystery quilt. I think I will handstitch it Monday at work if I can keep from doing it before cause I already got one corner sewn down. I always love to finish the bindings cause that is the last step to a finished project. My! what a good feeling to have something finished!

I also sewed the binding on a quilted baby panel for Debbie. I sewed the binding on it on the back side and turned it to the right side and sewed it down by machine. She likes for me to sew baby quilts on machine because they are washed frequently and wear better. She had bought the material and got me to bind two other panels the other day and had enough binding left from them to do more. She went back and bought another panel. I can't believe how the material matched so perfectly.

I haven't done to much sewing. My neighbor wanted me to sew a couple pillow forms to make large pillows for the kids. I also got another baby quilt on the frame and got one row quilted. Most of the day have been spent with the grandkids. I cooked Lionel's birthday dinner today so the grandkids could be here for dinner. His birthday is Monday.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aunt Betty's Attic

Well, Aunt Betty's Attic has been in the making for about 2 years now. A couple friends from extension service and I took this class at Camp Caleb about 2 years ago, Oct. 2006. It was suppose to be a small lapsize. Stephanie made hers the Finished Size 47 1/2" x 58". She finished hers and gave it to her mother for 2007 Christmas. She always picks such pretty colors.

Ernie made hers 55" X 85", well one of hers. I told her we were suppose to make 2 times what we were suppose to and she had lots of background pieces left. That called for another quilt. I just finished quilting this one last night or at 3 this morning. Still have the binding to do by hand. Got it sewin on. I am going to take it to work with me tomorrow and do that. Did the loop de loop on it for practice. I think Ernie will understand. She is easy to please.

This is the first one that Ernie made. I think she gave it to her daughter. Don't know what she will do with this one, maybe she will give it to me for my birthday. hehe

And mine, I most always make a queen size. A friend at church had given me some fabric her mother had from years ago. I finished the top Jan. 2007 but not quilted it yet. I need to get around to doing that shortly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not much quilting today

I didn't get to much quilting done today. I mostly cleaned house. I did sew the binding on the loop de loop baby quilt. I enjoyed Monica coming for supper this evening. We watched her Sumba DVD. She works as an EMT for ambulance service in Ashland and part time a massage therapist for a chiropractor. She signed up for more college courses. I don't believe she will ever get out of school.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Making Progress

Got my machine back and quilted two large quilts and a baby quilt. It is doing good now. No thread breakages on these quilts.

I even tried another quilt design this evening on the baby quilt. I am doing twirls or loops now. It's about time I stated doing something other than stipple. I think I will be using this design more.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lady Bug, Lady Bug

Got another one quilted. This one is Ernistine's. She is a good friend of mine and in the quilt guild. This is the mystery quilt we did recently. It is called "Lady Bug, Lady Bug". I enjoyed doing this quilt. It has a mixture of stitch in the ditch, machine embroidery, and stippling. I did this on my Janome 4800. I got my Janome 1600P back on Friday but haven't had time to put a quilt in the frame yet. I am anxious to see if it sews better. I sewed a couple of rows at Thomas Sewing Center and it did great, Only broke thread at the end of a row. A friend is coming from Lavelette, WV afterwhile and going to spend the night with us. We have been friends for 18 years now. She is like a sister to me. She lived at Fort Gay, WV when I got to know her and recently she moved to Lavelette to be closer to her grandchildren. She always likes sitting on the front porch and listening to the frogs in the pond across from our hosue.

And just have to show some pictures. of our four-wheeling trip with 2 of the grandkids. We had such good time!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Behind on Blogging

I am way behind on blogging. I get to surfing and reading and don't take the time to update my page. Tuesday I made binding for two baby quilts for a friend. She got a piece of material that was over a yard. I was cutting it on the bias and figured I would save some of it by cutting a square. I cut the selvage from each side and made it about 43"x43". It made 22 yards of bias binding. I put it around two baby quilts and had 13 yards left over. She gives them for shower gifts and keeps them on hand for the next one. She said she liked them and was going to get another panel for me to bind, since they was so much binding left over. I love doing the bias binding, especially when using strips.

Yesterday I started my morning by cutting 2 dozen corn from the cob to freeze. In the afternoon I made 5 quarts of kraut and cooked supper. I love the fresh garden vegetables. We had fresh corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and pork roast with potatoes.

I went to basement and looked out the sliding door and saw this bullfrog sitting there. We live near a pond and about 3 weeks ago the state highway department nearly drained the pond in front of our house to replace a culvert. I guess this bullfrog got lost, may have been going to the river and just decided to rest awhile.

I haven't had a chance to sew much but did manage to make a Teddy Bear. I have had the design for a few months now and been wanting to make it but thought it would take longer. I had to unwind last night so I got things together to make it.