Saturday, January 31, 2009

Victory Quilt (Rosevelt's Necktie)

Just finished another one. This one went so well. All the seams locked and it went together fast. I don't know why but all are turning out to be 12" blocks. Have to add another border maybe.

Victory Quilt (Brave World)

Finally figured out how to do this block. It looks like the simplest block but if you don't have the 9 1/2" square up ruler that Eleanor uses you got some figureing out to do. I sewed the blocks last night but didn't figure how to sew them together till today. I have about every ruler imaginable but of course never the one I need. Eleanors techniques are good if you have the tools to work with. For some reason my blocks are turning out to be 12" instead of 12 1/2".

Friday, January 30, 2009

Victory Quilt (Bride's Bouquet)

This quilt is so much fun! I couldn't wait to do this block. I had never done one before and thought they would be so hard to do. It isn't perfect but neither am I. It is going into the quilt anyway. It sure is nice of Eleanor to personally teach these blocks to me.

Victory Quilt (Sky Rocket)

Since Tuesday evening at 8 till Thursday evening at 8 we were without electricity. The ice storm weighed down the trees and they fell on electric lines and broke them. During this time I have been cutting the blocks for Eleanor Burns Victory Quilt. You can find videos of each block here. I have been watching the videos and made the first block yesterday. We didn't loose our phone service and we had a generator that made it possible for me to have internet service. This is going to be a fun quilt. The videos make it so much easier than following directions in the book. I sure didn't do a good job adding the Rocket tips and I don't like the fabric selection.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Civil War Quilt

I think I am getting way behind on blogging. With all the cold weather, time just flies when you got lots of quilty things to work on. As you can see the pond froze over. This pond is across the road from my house.

Finished a Civil War quilt for Sue on Wednesday. It was a large quilt but went so smooth, no problems with machine. I love the colors in it. Makes me want to do learn paper-piecing and make a Civil War quilt. Guess I will have to start colecting fabric as I have with Eleanor Burns Victory Quilt. I have collected for about two or three years for it. I think I am just about to start it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Very Productive Day

The last two days have been very productive. It is been so cold I won't get out and that gave me time to sew, sew, sew. I just love it! Just finished another Patchwork Jungle Quilt. This is very simular to the Teacher's Pet that Phyllis, Martha and I made. The only difference is no set-in's and not set on a point. This makes it even faster to put together to the Teacher's Pet. I think Martha and Phyllis can make one in their sleep. They have made so many I can't count them. I am still going to make another one for my cousin's little girl. This one is for Marybeth's friends little girl. I even got the binding cut and pressed for both quilts. I have also been doing some machine embroidery. Thursday and Friday I made 20basket blocks from Aunt Bea's Parlor, Black Creations CD. It was so much fun to watch these sew out. It took from 10 to 20 minutes each. I hadn't used my embroidery machine in a while and just enjoyed it greatly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Teacher's Pet for Phyllis

Another Teacher's Pet for Phyllis is completed. I think Martha created a monster with these Teacher's Pet pattern. They are so easy and fast to do and also look really nice. Only hard part about them is the set-ins. Sometimes they can give problems because they are cut on a bias. You have to make sure you mark them as you cut them to indicate what side is bias.

Also cut bias binding for 4 baby quilts for Debbie. These are quilted panels and I made the binding and sewed it on by machine. These will be washed to much for hand sewn binding.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Layla's Birthday Quilt

Today I quilted Layla's Birthday Quilt and put the binding on it. I think I will also make her a pillow case to match. It sure has some bright colors in it! I hope she will like it. we will give it to her at her party on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Martha's 3D Applique WH

I finished Layla's quilt top last night and hoping to be quilting it today. I quilted Martha's 3D wall hanging she did at camp. This is the one that Gypsy taught.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Martha's Simple Applique WH

I quilted Martha's wall hanging she did at camp. I told her I wasn't good at small stippling and you can see in the picture. She sure is a friend to trust me to learn on her masterpiece. This was the Simple appliqué method that Sue Huseman taught at Camp Caleb last year. Mine is just so simple it is still in the bag. I did finish the one that Gypsy taught. I am going to stipple it next. I will post pictures later. I have Martha's on the frame now. I liked it better than the simple appliqué. I have been working on Layla's (granddaughter) quilt this morning. I got the blocks sewn together. Now got to put the borders on and quilt it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Embroidered Rose

Finally finished this one. I have had it for a month now. Had problems with machine, had flu, and the holidays kept me from finishing this one sooner. I didn't have but one thread break throughout this quilt. The lady hand embroidered these roses. She did very good job.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blue Jean Purse

One of the girls at Homemaker Annual Party the other night had a blue jean purse. Last night Lionel picked up the grandkids to stay all night with us and I ask him to tell Granddaughter Emily to bring an old pair of her jeans if she wanted to make a purse. She brought a pair of her brothers. This purse takes around an hour to make. You can change the ribbons as you like. She really likes it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Yesterday, Lionel was off work and we cleaned the storage building out. I was so glad to get that done. Now we can start filling it again. I have already started putting some things from the bedroom in the basement in the building. I am hoping to get more organized. Hopefully get my sewing machines and things in one room. Today I finally got back to quilting. Quilted Martha's Jelly Roll quilt. My machine is working good. Don't remember one thread breakage today.