Friday, May 29, 2009

Ann's Lapsize

Well, I did it. I quilted Ann's Lapsize tonight. I don't know the name of either of her quilts. I only know that this one is a sampler. They are so soft. She had already washed her backing and they feel so good.

Two More Completed

It's been a while since my last blog. I don't seem to get as much done any more. I always like to have a picture when I blog. I do see that I missed blogging about our Annual Homemakers Meeting on Tuesday. I finished the Double Wedding Ring for Alma the first of the week except trimming around it. Now comes the hard job, the binding. It's really not that hard but takes some time to complete. The second quilt is a twin size for Ann. It was fairly easy and I completed it today. I now have a lapsize of her's to put on the frame but don't know if I will get to that tonight or not. Been out mowing grass after supper and a nap.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday's Meetings

Monday I had two meetings to attend, Lawrence County Quilted Treasures Quilt Guild in AM and Dennis Green Valley Homemakers last meeting till September. We were privileged to have a speaker at our Quilt Guild Meeting, which was Michelle Hill, owner of WV Quilts in Barboursville, WV. Michelle showed us her technique of chenille.

Dennis Green Valley Homemakers, which I am a member, had their last meeting before September. We don't have meetings in the summer months cause everyone is to busy with other things, vacation, cutting grass, gardening, etc. We went to Kentucky Roots, which is aproximately 12 miles from Louisa. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Kitty and I took some pictures while there.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Got Pockets!

I made this jacket when I first started quilting in 2002 but didn't add the pockets to it. Every time I would wear it I would need a pocket to put my camera in and every time I would pull it off I would tell myself I was going to add pockets. Well, a many years later it has pockets and I have had fun making them. Those little things took me some time to complete but they will be worth it. That is one project to mark off the list of To Do Things. I had them made the other day when I went to a Dr. appointment. I took them with me and turned them in the waiting room. This jacket is reversible and I still want to add a ribbon or something over the side and arm seams to cover that. Maybe by the time it is worn out I will have it the way I want it. Now, I thought I marked this of the To Do List. LOL!

This is another project I started when I first started quilting. I made the straight squares at that time. Just a few months ago, our quilt guild made a 4 stack posie quilt, simular to stack and whack. I made the daisy blocks with the guild. Then putting them all together it made this ugly quilt. It is a little to dark. I also put polyester batting in it. Some of the quilts I been quilting for other people turned out so pretty with polyester batting that I thought I could use it in this quilt. I have my regrets now. I hope I never use another piece of that in one of my quilts. I like cotton only. I washed it and it did get softer but still wish I would have put cotton in it. I finished quilting this Thursday night before going to have Heart Cath on Friday. I wanted to have the binding on it so I could work on it while in the hospital. It sure passed the time since I had to stay over night. It also kept me warm. The air conditioning was a little to cold.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two More Quilted

It's been a while since I have been quilting. I didn't do these two quilts in one day. I have been working on the nine patch for a couple of weeks. I would do one row a day or maybe more. I did the red one for Barbara in a couple of days.

Monday, May 11, 2009


A few years ago I quilted a jacket but didn't put pockets on it. I like a pocket so I can carry my camera with me. Last night I was going thru some of my embroidery designs. I love watching my embroidrey machine sew the designs, it is so relaxing. It amazes me how these machines can sew these designs so pretty. After I got the design on I stippled around it with my Jem Platnium. I just love that little machine. This is the second time I have stippled on it. When I did the wall hanging I found out it was good for small projects. I found a cameo design that I sewed on two pieces of fabric to make pockets. Now I just have to sew the backing on them and turn them to make some useful pockets on my jacket. I will post a picture after they are sewn on.

I also got another quilt to quilt. Gretta brought one for Barb. I got it on the frame and almost got the first row quilted. I dread the first row most of all, although it goes fairly fast. I guess I consider it the most important. If you get it going straight you are in buisness.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update on Flooding

Just giving update on the flooding. Our river has been rising since last night, big difference today. I think it is still rising. It has surrounded our barn and the pond is a lot larger that last night when I took the picture.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


This picture is of the pond across the road from our house. You can see how muddy it is and the river has backed it up. The river continues to rise tonight, but our house is on a hill and it has never gotten in it. This morning our church at Pikeville got flooded. The basement filled up and also our Pastor's house basement flooded also. The waters came in so fast, within hour and half, that even got in the garage, flooded both cars and truck.

I quilted the small wallhanging I have been working on. I am well pleased with it. I quilted it on my small Janome Jem Platinum and I love the way that little machine stipples. It is so quiet.

Friday, May 8, 2009

4 Things going at one Time

I haven't been keeping up with blogging but haven't been doing much either. The last couple of days I put a quilt in the frame and been doing a row a day on it. I hope I got till Christmas to get it done. LOL It has been so much rain and so dreary I just haven't been in the mood for quilting. This quilt is for couple and the husband made it all by himself. I hope to get in more of a mood to finish it.

This quilt is one I started some time back. I had a piece of material that I really liked but it has polyester in it. Well I had some embroidery designs that I wanted to practice with. I ended up making the blocks for this quilt. I guess it will last as long as it will last. I cut the sashing and cornerstones yesterday and got it together today.

This is a applique wall hanging that I started last year at camp, which I talked about in last post. I found out with this class that I don't have that much interest in applique. I ended up sewing the flower pedals on non-woven interfacing and turning them. I did the stem and the leaves as the teacher said and also the flower middle. I just don't like working with mylar and starching and ironing those edges down. I put the binding on it today. I still have some quilting left to do to it. I Know most people do that before the binding but especially on small things I do it backwards.

Been making a Braided border for another quilt for a month now. I just like trying different things. Martha and I had talked about doing this for awhile and I got started on it and hope to eventually get these long enough to go around a top I have put together.