Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hand work

I haven't posted in awhile. Been busy during the holidays and under the weather. I have just been doing some hand work lately, not getting into any big jobs. This logcabin star has been a long project. I quilted it a few months ago and just now finishing the binding, but now it is finished except for washing it. It will go in the next load to wash today. That is part of the quilt for me is the feel and crinkle look after washing.

This is a wool wallhanging I did for Halloween but didn't get the hand stitching around it. I took a class at camp this year making Christmas Ornaments from wool and I love working with it. I didn't have the right color of embroidery thread for it and had to wait till I went to Ashland to get it, which is about an hour drive. We have nothing in our town that sells embroidery thread, yarn, etc. I just noticed I still have to make the cats eyes. Don't know if I can find small buttons or will I just do a french knot with white thread.

I didn't get to go to last Quilt Guild Meeting cause I had a Dr. appointment that morning. Martha brought me a pair of the mittens they did at our Christmas party. Thanks to Sandy and Virginia for preparing these for the members. I enjoy sitting and doing the buttonhole stitch around these things.


Connie said...

I'm a ky quilter also, I really do like the quilt in you head line picturewith the sewing machine, very very pretty. Connie

Morning's Minion said...

Log Cabin in its many variations is a favorite pattern of mine. I like yours with the stars as cornerstones.
We are considering a retirement move to KY---I'll have to make sure I live near a quilt shop!

Rebag said...

just happened to come across your blog and had to stop and say I love your work!! I too am a quilter, (in spare time) I love hand work and have a variety of hobbies......Hope the new year brings all you seek and wish for!!

Keep on stitching

Blessings from Mn

snowlady said...

I too think your logcabin star quilt is very pretty.

Sunny said...

I just came across your blog today. That is a beautiful quilt! I love the colors you used and I LOVE quilts with stars. I see you belong to a quilt guild. I have been looking for one nearest to me but have had not found one. I am from Elkton KY, between Russellville and Hopkinsville. Maybe you or someone in your group might know of one?