Friday, August 21, 2009

Block Completed

Our Quilt Guild is making a quilt to encourage people to stop smoking. We will be making 8 blocks to go beside a center block with an appliqued tree in the center. It will also have a path around it for the border. Each was assigned a block to do. Martha came up today and we made our blocks. I would rather not say how long it took us to do these simple blocks. The directions were not very clear, now figure. I made one as a practice block before cutting the material I had that matches the other blocks in the quilt. Which of these blocks are your favorite, the top or bottom one? I forgot to take a picture of Martha's block before she went home.


Michelle said...

Hi Brenda,
I like the top one! Good to hear from you!
be blessed,

Amelia said...

I like the second one - reason is the brown contains a patter tht looks like branches. Plus I think the tree in the center of the quilt should be the eye catcher. If this block was to part of a regular quilt I would pick the first one though.