Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Old Projects Near Finishing

I finished this Redwork around the first of July but never got around to taking a picture for blog. I made a wall hanging April 2005 with one of these in the center of it and liked it so well I thought I would make a small wall hanging from one. I worked on it a little while demonstrating redwork for Farm and Field Day. I worked a few days for Railroad Union answering phone and I was able to finish this in a few days.

I finally finished this Star Log Cabin. We made this with the quilt guild about 4 years ago. I have had this on the frame for couple of months or longer. I would quilt a row a day until it is finally quilted. I already have the binding made and need to get it sewed on. It turned out to be 104" long, which is way to long.

This is the preprinted lap throw I made a few weeks ago. I put it in the frame this evening and finished it in a few hours. Now I need to make the binding for it and sew it on so I can sit and hand sew it to the back.

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Amelia said...

That Star Log Cabin quilt is so pretty...yes long but no way to make it shorter with this pattern looks like.

Summer is slowing slipping away...I am ready for the cooler about you?