Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A few weeks ago at Camp, I took a class doing Wool Ornaments and of course, I wanted to do some more things with wool. I had a long wool coat that will be just perfect for felting. I also bought a few more at Goodwill. I have been felting all day. I have navy blue, black with a stripe, maroon, green, tan, and red. I was wanting to find an orange jacket for a pumpkin or yellow for a fadder shock. My goal is to get the colors I need for a wall hanging. I have enjoyed working with this today. On the internet it said to cut the jackets up first before washing them but I didn't. I started tearing one apart and to time consuming. I washed all but one and going to cut them and press them after washed and dried.

I also crocheted about 3 necklaces today. I got some different yarn at Big Lots and a roll at Goodwill. It is not the ladder yarn like the girls had at camp but they look alright. I like to keep numerous projects going at one time. I don't get bored that way. LOL


Kristie said...

I love working with felted wool! I made some ornaments a couple years ago and a Christmas wallhanging. Can't wait to see what you make!

Amelia said...

Another new project around your to test the brain and fingers a bit...I keep telling myself I am gaining in knowledge and wisdom when I try something new...really do lots of talking to myself when it does not go as planned.

Have a God blessed day - smile a lot- let people wonder what you are thinking.