Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Longer a Mystery

Lawrence County Quilted Treasures Quilt Guild is making our annual Mystery Quilt. This is the third one we have done. I finished the first one, which was the Halloween Ghost, the second one was the Bug Quilt which I still need to put the border on it, and now the third one, which I just finished mitering the corners. It is good to have completed it. I kept telling Sandy, our instructor, that I knew all along that I knew what it was, but had no clue. I think she bought it. I now have a quilt on the frame and after finishing it maybe I can quilt this one. This one measures 52 X 66.


Michelle said...

Neat quilt!

Kristie said...

Very pretty! You were right, it is "TREES"

Glad you have your machine back and can get back to quilting!