Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just want to update everyone about what I been doing. Don't know how I can stay so busy and not have time to blog. Last week a friend came to visit from Lavelette, WV and we picked Martha up and went to a yard sale. Found advertisement in newspaper about it and they said they had quilting things, but we never dreamed they had so much. A couple more of our friends went also. We all came away with lots of material. This lady could no longer stay by herself and her sister was selling her things. Here is a picture of my stash.

I also got a baby quilt that the sister had pieced and it even has the backing with it. It isn't 100% cotton but I think it will be pretty when finished quilting.


Kristie said...

Lucky You!!! I love yard sales but very seldom find anything quilty at them. Looks like you lucked out with the fabric and the quilt!

Amelia said...

Don't you just love yard sales when you stumble on things such as all that fabric. Expecially when gas is so expensive you hate to go from sale to sale and not find anything.