Monday, June 2, 2008

Mystery Quilt

Went to Quilt Guild today and we finished putting together the Mystery Quilt Wall Hanging. I finished my blocks and brought it home to lay it on the bed and put it together. I still need to add the spots on the bugs backs and the door to the birdhouse. I might embroidery a bird somewhere. I think I will add more borders to it and make a lap size. We had a good time today. It is good to get together with the girls to quilt, talk and eat. We are blessed to have a very good teacher. She, along with her mom, work very hard to plan these things. They always make two of these. Sandy made the wallhanging and her mom, Virginia had her blocks together in rows to show everyone how they went together. I am sure they don't do all this in one evening.


Gina said...

I love how it's turned out.

love and hugs xxx

Kristie said...

Hi Brenda!!! I finally got a new computer!!! I love how this has turned out, it is lovely! I can't wait to work on mine. Thanks for the directions.

T said...

That quilt really is cute. Very clever use/layout of the blocks... I might be inspired!