Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Martha's Jelly Roll

Here is the latest. Just finished quilting this one for Martha. She is one of my best customers. She made this from Jelly Rolls. She made it for her neighbor's son that is getting married or maybe got married last weekend. I was having problems with thread breaking and didn't get it finished in time. Sorry about that Martha. It is a beautiful quilt. She is good with colors. I am sure he will like it if he knows anything about quilts.

I guess I won't be quilting anymore till after the holiday. I have the next couple of days to clean house and do some work on a sermon CD for our pastor. I hope everyone has a joyous 4th of July. We always take the grandkids to the parade and sometimes fireworks in town but if not in town we live in the country and can have our own fireworks.

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Kristie said...

Love the quilt! Martha should start a blog!!!

We are not doing alot this weekend, doing some fabric shopping at the flea market in Grayson. Last time I went down there I ended up with 56 yards of fabric for less than $100. Oh and we are going to a cookout at my BIL house. I'd rather stay home and sew!!!