Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Practice Embroidery

I haven't gotten a whole lot done today except a few machine embroidery designs. I most always make practice designs before putting them on anything. This way I can play with colors, learn the actual size of the design, how to place turn them and see if they sew out well. I get a lot of my designs from different places and I want to see them before I put them on a quilt or something and wish I had sewn them first. They always sew out much prettier than they look on the computer. I just love playing around with these. Reason for doing the lady bugs, I am going to put them on the Mystery Quilt we did at the Lawrence County Quilted Treasures Quilt Guild. I better get busy cause our next meeting is Monday. I would like to get these sewn on and the border before then.


Kristie said...

Oh!! Those ladybugs are going to look so cute on your quilt!!! Can't wait to see it on Monday!

Amelia said...

Love those designs...reminds me of the pleasures of my flower gardens.

Take care and have a laugh or two along the way!


Mrs. B said...

I love your embroidery!! Very cute the ladybugs are adorable. Thank you for welcoming me to Blogland! I love your blog and I am adding your to my daily reads!!