Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remember Gowns made for Premiees

Remember the little Gowns and little quilts I made for my daughter's freinds grandbabies? They were born JULY 6TH weighing 2# 12 OZS and 2# 7 OZS. Well, now Grace weighs 6# 11oz and Aubrey 5# 14oz and here is a picture of them in the gowns and laying on the little quilts. Aren't they so pretty! They look like little dolls. They now weigh what about what they should have at birth. Won't be long the quilts will have to be used for burp pads or bath pads.


Amelia said...

They are so cute - and look so healthy now.

Candace said...

They are so adorable and so alert. You just want to cuddle them.

Kristie said...

Sure looks like those little gowns went to some special little babies!!!