Friday, January 30, 2009

Victory Quilt (Bride's Bouquet)

This quilt is so much fun! I couldn't wait to do this block. I had never done one before and thought they would be so hard to do. It isn't perfect but neither am I. It is going into the quilt anyway. It sure is nice of Eleanor to personally teach these blocks to me.


Michelle said...

Oooo, I like this one! It kind of reminds me of an ice cream cone...oh, that must have been my stomach talking, sorry!

Amelia said...

Oh that looks so hard - but so pretty at the same time. To me, the hard part would be the points all coming together just perfect in the center...yours looks GREAT!

Stay warm!

Sara said...

Great job on the block! I really like it and the colors in it are great!

Kristie said...

Wow! Looks wonderful but it also looks hard! That one would make me nervous!