Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Got Pockets!

I made this jacket when I first started quilting in 2002 but didn't add the pockets to it. Every time I would wear it I would need a pocket to put my camera in and every time I would pull it off I would tell myself I was going to add pockets. Well, a many years later it has pockets and I have had fun making them. Those little things took me some time to complete but they will be worth it. That is one project to mark off the list of To Do Things. I had them made the other day when I went to a Dr. appointment. I took them with me and turned them in the waiting room. This jacket is reversible and I still want to add a ribbon or something over the side and arm seams to cover that. Maybe by the time it is worn out I will have it the way I want it. Now, I thought I marked this of the To Do List. LOL!

This is another project I started when I first started quilting. I made the straight squares at that time. Just a few months ago, our quilt guild made a 4 stack posie quilt, simular to stack and whack. I made the daisy blocks with the guild. Then putting them all together it made this ugly quilt. It is a little to dark. I also put polyester batting in it. Some of the quilts I been quilting for other people turned out so pretty with polyester batting that I thought I could use it in this quilt. I have my regrets now. I hope I never use another piece of that in one of my quilts. I like cotton only. I washed it and it did get softer but still wish I would have put cotton in it. I finished quilting this Thursday night before going to have Heart Cath on Friday. I wanted to have the binding on it so I could work on it while in the hospital. It sure passed the time since I had to stay over night. It also kept me warm. The air conditioning was a little to cold.


Michelle said...

I don't think your quilt is ugly at all, in fact, I think it is quite beautiful.

As for your jacket, and adding the pockets, HOW NICE!!! I bet you love it so much more now.

Have a great week!

Amelia said...

I suppose as the old saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - but I don't think the quilt is ugly at all...I like the style and the colors are wonderful.

Loved the silhouttes on the pockets of the jacket.

Kristie said...

How did your heart cath go? All is well, I hope!

Love that jacket! Looks like tons of quilting on it. The pockets look great on it.

You are silly, that quilt is really nice! Love the binding fabric!

Sara said...

LIke the jacket, the pockets look great. and I like the quilt, I like the colors in it.

Hope your heart cath went well, I hate those things!