Monday, May 11, 2009


A few years ago I quilted a jacket but didn't put pockets on it. I like a pocket so I can carry my camera with me. Last night I was going thru some of my embroidery designs. I love watching my embroidrey machine sew the designs, it is so relaxing. It amazes me how these machines can sew these designs so pretty. After I got the design on I stippled around it with my Jem Platnium. I just love that little machine. This is the second time I have stippled on it. When I did the wall hanging I found out it was good for small projects. I found a cameo design that I sewed on two pieces of fabric to make pockets. Now I just have to sew the backing on them and turn them to make some useful pockets on my jacket. I will post a picture after they are sewn on.

I also got another quilt to quilt. Gretta brought one for Barb. I got it on the frame and almost got the first row quilted. I dread the first row most of all, although it goes fairly fast. I guess I consider it the most important. If you get it going straight you are in buisness.


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Kristie said...

Those turned out very nicely! I just love the cameos!

Sara said...

Those cameos came out great!

Hope the flooding doesn't get worse!