Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dresden Plate Quilted

Well, yesterday, I ended up taking my machine to get it serviced after sewing my finger. It kept breaking the thread and found out it had a burr on the bobbin case. I guess I pulled my finger and the needle hit the bobbin case instead of going down in the hole. I just finished the row and a half of the Dresden Plate Quilt I had on the frame at the time. I am quilting this for a friend from Versales, Ky. I have another one for her to quilt also. It is the Grandmothers Fan. I never liked a fan before until I seen the way this one is set up and it is really pretty.

Monday is Quilt Guild Meeting and we will be starting a Mystery Quilt. The last one was so much fun! We did it October 2006

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Kristie said...

I love that quilt. Is that the one that you had at the last meeting? I am excited about tomorrow, but also a little nervous. This will be my first day of sewing with you ladies.