Friday, May 23, 2008

More quilts done this week

I have been having so much fun quilting this week. Sewing machine working so good. No thread breaking, tension very good, and didn't even sew my finger this week. I finished quilting a "Roman Strip" for Sue and putting the binding on it. She had gotten a solid color for the binding and I sure didn't think it would be very pretty but it turned out really nice. I will consider a solid color some day.

Martha, a friend of mine, came up Monday and helped me to cut out and sew the blocks to one called Teachers Pet. By 1:00pm we had all the blocks sewn together. Tuesday I layed them out on a bed in the basement. This was set on a point, which I find a little harder to do. I just left them on the bed and sewed a few blocks from time to time as I was taking a break from quilting. Then I sewed the borders on last night, Thursday. Even cut the binding on a bias and rolled it on a cardboard to have ready when I get it quilted.

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Amelia said...

You have been one busy lady.

Have a safe fun filled weekend!

Amelia in Oklahoma