Friday, August 1, 2008

Behind on Blogging

I am way behind on blogging. I get to surfing and reading and don't take the time to update my page. Tuesday I made binding for two baby quilts for a friend. She got a piece of material that was over a yard. I was cutting it on the bias and figured I would save some of it by cutting a square. I cut the selvage from each side and made it about 43"x43". It made 22 yards of bias binding. I put it around two baby quilts and had 13 yards left over. She gives them for shower gifts and keeps them on hand for the next one. She said she liked them and was going to get another panel for me to bind, since they was so much binding left over. I love doing the bias binding, especially when using strips.

Yesterday I started my morning by cutting 2 dozen corn from the cob to freeze. In the afternoon I made 5 quarts of kraut and cooked supper. I love the fresh garden vegetables. We had fresh corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and pork roast with potatoes.

I went to basement and looked out the sliding door and saw this bullfrog sitting there. We live near a pond and about 3 weeks ago the state highway department nearly drained the pond in front of our house to replace a culvert. I guess this bullfrog got lost, may have been going to the river and just decided to rest awhile.

I haven't had a chance to sew much but did manage to make a Teddy Bear. I have had the design for a few months now and been wanting to make it but thought it would take longer. I had to unwind last night so I got things together to make it.


Amelia said...

You have been busy with the fresh garden items.

The bear is so cute...he looks real small - so that must have been more difficult.

Have a great weekend.


Candace said...

My husband loves vegetables, even without the roast he would have loved your meal. The bear is very cute, he looks right at home there.

Kristie said...

Sounds like you had one busy day! The vegetables sound very good. I staill have a few apples to put up. I'm waiting until mom comes in before we pick enough for jelly, applesause and apple butter.

I love the little bear! He looks so tiny, I've never tried to make anything like that, so cute!

I have a ton of frogs in front of my house. I just love the sound of them in the evenings. I think it is very relaxing, I just love living out in the country.

Do you have your fabric yet for the stack-n-whack? I still need to pick up some, I'm a little nervous about trying to get the right kind. When is the next meeting??