Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coffee Filter Basket

Today was the last day at Camp Caleb. We all had a GREAT time! We learned lots of new things this year. Tuesday we did Simple Appliqué, which was time consuming. If you do it that way it looks so good but you have to have a real interest in it. I am afraid I like quilting and strip piecing to good to take the time to do much appliqué, time will tell. I had a very good teacher.

Wednesday I did the Appli-Bond method like the picture on my blog. I loved it! I have another pattern for it that I got at a yard sale. I think I will be doing that someday when I get some other UFO's done.

Today, was basket day. We made a coffee filter basket and finished it. I got mine to small at the top and the lid don't fit to good. I hope I can sand the lid down some and it will fit beter. It just likes a little fitting.

Yesterday they made snowmen from slabs. They painted them and made faces on them. They were really pretty. They also had a class making a stuffed pumpkin that was really cute. Some of us girls bought a kit and are going to get together and make one. This year our county had a lot of girls participate in the classes. I would encourage more women to become homemakers. Just contact your extension office and they will tell you the dates and times of each meeting.


Amelia said...

Everyone of the projects looked like lots of fun...your coffee filter basket looked great...couldn't see anything wrong with it.

Have a great weekend...

Kristie said...

I think the basket look great! I bought a book and some basket supplies a few years ago, I started it but never finished it...yet! I love the Slab Snowmen! We have a ton of slabs...giggle, I may have a whole yard full of snowmen this Winter!!

Have you started making your list of UFO's to finish for quilt guild? I started to the other day but I stopped, I just got too overwhelmed, may try to work on that this weekend.