Saturday, September 20, 2008

Testing a Single Wedding Ring Block

Just doing a test block of the Single Wedding Ring. I tell about this block in a previous post. It is one of those patterns you get and you think you will never get around to it. I can't believe I have made a block of it. It turned out fair but is time consuming but I really would like to have one of these quilts. Only thing I think of is quilting it. I think one like this is for hand quilting and I am not good at that. I just might have to learn. Which this might be the only block I do. I am sure they are a trick to the points in this block that I don't know about. I had finished quilting Ina's quilts and thought this would be a good way to unwind to make this block.

This is a finished top made from the blocks I made when I first started quilting and never did finish. It was a Thimbleberries quilt and I lost the book, it has been that long, never have found it. When the guild was going to do the 4 patch posie quilt using the stack n whack blocks, I thought this would be good to combine these blocks. Now it just needs to be quilted. I already cut the binding for it.


Kristie said...

Very nice job! I hope you bring them to guild on Monday!!!!

Miri said...

Very pretty quilt. The single wedding ring block is different than the one I know-very interesting looking block.