Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Last week I went to Floyd Co. Quilt Guild Meeting with a friend and they were working on a quilt, hand quilting it and I have always wanted a picture of a quilt frame with ladies quilting. This was my chance to get it. I often wish I had a picture of my grandmother quilting from hers. She made her frame and would put hooks in the ceiling to hang it and would pull it up when she wasn't quilting.

Put binding on three baby quilts for Julie, did these by machine. I have cut more binding in last week than I have in a month but I love doing bindings. Been thinking about getting a Roxanne thimble. Anyone recommend one. They are expensive but if they work they would be worth it. I have never been able to use a thimble very long at a time. It seems to rub the finger beside it. I don't know why I would think a Roxanne would do any different, other than I have never owned one. When I worked for Quilted Memories Quilt Shop, the owner had one and she loved it. I do have the Roxanne thimble holder that you wear around your neck.

This weekend was Septemberfest in our little town. We went to parade to see our granddaughter. This is her first year in marching band. Of course, we are proud to see her. She is the one in the middle with the spotted socks.

I have quilted another "Teacher's Pet" for Phyllis and put the binding on by hand.

I have even been machine embroidering. I just love to watch my machine sit and work. My cousin sent me a design I had been wanting for some time and I had to sew it out. Haven't used embroidery machine much lately cause I been busy quilting.

Also did a baby quilt for Phyllis. She wanted the binding put on by machine cause it will be washed a lot.

Putting this one in the frame to quilt next for Sue. I have two others to quilt for a lady for her grandchildren. One is a Dutch Girl and the other has Hearts on it.

I have started another quilt. One of the ladies in the quilt guild got me to quilt one like this for her and I liked it and just had to make one. If I continue to make one of all that I quilt I will have a house full soon. Oh well, they are always good to have for gifts. I haven't had a problem with them stacking up so far. Also got a fall wall hanging started. It is appliqué, which I have not done much of.


Michelle said...

Lovely job on the quilts. Do you have a longarm, or a shortarm/midarm like a few of us?

Amelia said...

Very pretty quilts on parade there.

Kristie said...

Wow! Brenda you have really been busy!!! Love all of the quilts! You always do such a great job.