Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Accomplishments this week

I feel I have accomplished a little in a weeks time. I have quilted 5 large quilts and 3 crib size and put binding on all of them but one. It has been the best quilting week since I got my machine in January of this year. Yesterday I quilted two crib size quilts, put binding on them and also put binding on the large quilt I finished the day before. I hate to say it has taken me a year to learn this machine. I am looking forward to more weeks like this one. I'm not saying it was done fast because it took long hours to accomplish each quilt.


Kristie said...

Wow! Looks like you had a wonderful week!! Your quilting is lovely!

Lindah said...

Whoa! You're tearing along like a house afire! Don't "they" usually say that it takes "at least a year" to build up the expertise on your machine to quilt for others? Sounds like you are doing great!

alanajo said...

Wow. I love the 2nd one.