Friday, November 7, 2008

Where Have I Been? QUILTING

Tuesday I had a Dr. appointment in Huntington and Martha went with me. She took the quilt in Dr. office and sewed binding till I was ready to go. After that we went to WV Quilts and this is the material I bought.

This is the mystery quilt Myrt made in Quilt Guild. I quilted it and it is ready for her to put binding on it.

And on Monday I stopped by to get a top to quilt for Phyllis. I quilted it yesterday evening after quilting Myrt's Wall hanging. I already had Myrt's on the frame from the night before and had a couple of lines sewn on it.

Today I put Barbara's Christmas Quilt in the frame and quilted it. I have the binding ready to sew on it. I am going to have lots of binding to sew by hand. I figure I will have something to keep me busy in between quilting, while I am taking a break. I hope I can get a better picture of some of these. Some are not very good.

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Kristie said...

Wow! Slow down!!!! :) Love the new fabrics that you bought. Any plans on what you are going to use them in??