Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cross-Stitch Fan

I just finished quilting the cross stich quilt for Aviatine Williams. And putting on the binding by machine. I just can't imagine how long it took to do all these 30 blocks. This quilt has more stitches than any quilt I have quilted. I just wonder how many shanks of embroidery floss it took. Wow!


Miri said...

The cross-stitch quilt looks great-I like the way you quilted it. I've never done a cross-stitch quilt but I do add embroidery to my quilts. I'm always afraid if I machine quilt over the embroidery it won't look nice. You've quilted this so nicely-may I ask, what thread did you use?

Kristie said...

Wow! That turned out beautiful! She did such a great job on the top and I love how your quilting looks!

Amelia said...

Lady, I do believe if I made something that beautiful I would not let it out of my sight. I would have stood by while you and your magic machine did all the quilting. Then I would have paid you, grabbed the beauty and ran out the door.

Maybe I should take up cross on second thought I have enough going on without starting a new hobby.

Your work just enhanced the quilt.