Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Top

I have been working on a top that I started in the summer. I had quilted one like this for Joanne and liked it so well I thought I would do one for myself. I had a couple of rows completed. Well it was going good till I got to quilting and sort of layed it aside. I finished this yesterday. Now my problem is getting enough for the border to complete it. I am doing this from the fabric I got at a yard sale this summer. They are no way buying the blue for the border as that is what I would like for it. I will come up with something.

I haven't been quilting because my machine is still in the shop. I have had this machine in the shop so many times. Got it in January of this year and the hook race is all the time getting a burr on it. It has been polished a number of times and completely replaced once and now again. I do not recommend the Janome 1600P if they are all like mine. It cost enough till you would think it would last 25 years. I have other Janome's that have gave me good service but this one is a lemon.

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Kristie said...

I love that quilt top! I'm so glad that you have it finished except for the borders! I just loved Joann's! So sorry to hear about your machine! Maybe they will get it straightened out soon.