Monday, December 8, 2008

Sue's Son's Quilt

I did't have time to post last week or didn't take time to post. Martha and I went to Guhl's in Jackson to get material on Wednesday. Of course, when we go we call it a day and never get in a hurry. We stopped at The Tea Caddy. It is a neat place. It would be a good place to book a tea party for the guild members or homemakers.

Also finished a quilt another quilt for Sue before we went but didn't get the binding on till Saturday. After I finished her quilt I put a baby quilt in the frame and the thread started breaking after sewing a short distance. It kept breaking for the whole row. As we were on our way to Jackson we dropped my machine off at the shop. Don't know how long it will take to be fixed but no quilting till then unless I decide to do it on another machine. I don't have another machine that will work with my frame. I have 2 large quilt, baby quilt, and two wall hangings to be quilted.


Picket said...

Hello friend...thanks you so much for coming by the blog for a visit...I am sitting here in awe of your gorgeous talent and I scrolled down I was just ohhhing and ahhhhing at all those beautiful quilts.
I love quilts...I have quilts on my beds and one precious one made by my 80 year old aunt over 50 years ago that hangs on my wall...I am always humbled by the beauty of a handmade quilt..Your family must tresure each and every one you make for them....that redwork baby quilt was priceless!
Thanks again for coming by and please come back anytime...take care friend!

Kristie said...

What goodies did you get at Guhl's? I sure hope you get your machine fixed soon! I'm sure you hate having down time!