Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday's Accomplishments

On Friday, I got up and started quilting Martha's quilt. Monica called to see if I was going to the Annual Homemaker Party at 5:30pm. I had forgotten all about that party. I was so glad she called early cause I had a lot to get done. She had just gotten off work for Ambulance Service and had about 45 minute drive to come home. She stopped to get ingredients for making fudge on her way home. By the time she got here I had wrapped gifts for family get together on Saturday and washed clothes. I had also made a peach cobbler and the cranberry salad to take to Homemaker party. I had the kettle and measuring cups, etc. set out for her to get started. She made 4 batches of fudge before we went to the party. I just couldn't get over how well things went. I went to pick up some more chocolate chips while she made a batch so she could make some for us. It sure has come in handy. I had something to take to Homemaker party, Family gathering and Quilt Guild today. Each year this is what she does for gift giving. I enjoyed the day with her.

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Anonymous said...

your peach cobbler looks so yummy!!:)