Friday, March 27, 2009

Cultural Arts Day

Yesterday was Cultural Arts Day at the Extension office. I took three things and two got blue ribbons. I took the "Teacher's Pet" quilt, which is on the left with the blue ribbon, in the first picture. Veronica took the one beside mine. I really think hers should have won cause she had way more work in hers. The next picture has the Holiday items in it. Mine was the patchwork pumpkin. Veronica took the bunnies. Donna took the 4th of July wreath. Alma took the little pink beaded angel and I am not sure who took the goblet with the painted roses. The third picture has the quilted wallhangings. The first one was made by Joanne and the second one is mine. Joanne did such good job on hers. That was a project we did with the quilt guild. I didn't finish mine cause I am not that creative. Joanne choose the prettiest background material and she is good at making the flowers, which is made from yo yo's. We had a good day. Lots of the Homemakers were there. We all brought a covered dish and had lunch and enjoyed talking with everyone. We also presented the Dog Shelter with the quilts we made for the "Snuggles Project".


Amelia said...

What fun!

Ladies, lunch and the doggies get some new blankets.
All pieces to a puzzle that when complete is a picture of happiness!

Question - what items did you show?

Have a very blessed weekend.

Kristie said...

Oh what a wonderful time you ladies had! Those are all so nice! Congrats on the ribbons!

Sara said...

Great job! Looks like you all did wonderful and some really great work!