Monday, March 30, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

Quilted a "Yellow Brick Road" for Sue and put the binding on it.

Quilted a wall hanging for myself that I made at camp in September. I finished the flowers at camp, brought it home and sandwiched it together and sewed around the border and put the binding on it. I am just now quilting it. I enjoyed making this 3D wallhanging. It was suppose to have small black beads for the center but they ran out and some of us did the French Knots. That was a lot of French Knots to do and I am not good at doing them.

I found a pattern for a Christmas Wreath online and now wanting to make one. I already have so many started but I guess I am not satisfied if I don't have numerous ones in the making.


Michelle said...

The YBR quilt is one I have never made, although I do have a pattern for it. I should try it sometime. Your quilting looks great.

Kristie said...

Both look great! I hate making French Knots! I'm not good at them!