Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quilt Label

I finially got the Title problem solved. Somehow my Transliteration Feature was Enabled. To Disable: Go to the Settings|Basic tab and enable the transliteration option. Select your language. Click the Transliteration button on the posting form to type in transliteration mode. The language was Hindi.

No quilts to show but I am working on one of my own. It is a large one. I got it in the frame yesterday and half quilted today. Just been working on it a row or two at a time. In between times cleaning basement and doing some rearranging to make things more assessable. I did make a design wall by putting a sheet on a pipe and hanging it from the ceiling. Don't know if I am going to like that or not. Pinned the Victory Quilt blocks I have finished on it. Now I see how many I need to make. I was going so good with them during the snowy weather but got back to quilting and put them aside. I also got a quilt for my cousins little girl about finished, all but the last border. Got one for my cousin about finished, except the last border. Just why don't I finish some of these things before jumping to something else. Maybe when I get everything organized I will complete all these in a day. Yesterday evening I made a label for the quilt I am quilting. It's been a while since I usued my embroidery machine. I just love watching it work. Got some Bamboo Batting a couple of months ago and trying it. I think it is going to make the quilt a little heavier than I like. I hope to have it quilted and binding on it for Cultural Arts Day which is Thursday. I am also going to start putting sleeves on my quilts. I found out during our Quilter's Day Out that they come in handy when you want to hang them.


Amelia said...

Love the label...I am still working on getting mine evenly spaced between the lines...I know that will come in time. I have only had my machine about 28 hours.At my age things take a while to really click or register in the brain.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kristie said...

Can't wait to see the quilt you are quilting! I really need to set down and make a bunch of labels for mine!