Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Patchwork Jungle

One of the UFO's I mentioned yesterday, another Patchwork Jungle, now has the border on it and it is ready to be quilted. I have the binding cut for it and a pillow case already made. I have already made 2 more of this same pattern. Got a picture the other day from one of the girls I made one for.

Just finished quilting the Roman Stripe I had made a couple of years ago and hadn't finished. I had even cut the binding. At that time I was using 2 1/2" binding, now I like using 2 1/4". I ended up pressing the seam out and cutting it 2 1/4". I know that is a small difference but I think it looks so much better because there isn't any space around the edge that isn't up against the 1/4" seam where you sew it on the quilt. Good thing I had a small piece of the fabric left because I hadn't cut enough. That is why I can't use a lot of my stash, because I am afraid I will need some for UFO's.


Amelia said...

I have been using the 2 1/2 inch for binding...I think I will try the 2 1/4 next time to avoid the very problems you mentioned.

Have a "Springy" weekend.

Kristie said...

I so like the way the 2 1/4 binding looks better, but I have a lot of my binding for my tops already cut for 2 1/2. But the new ones that I cut, I cut at 2 1/4