Thursday, August 28, 2008

Around The World In One Day

Yesterday Martha, Phyllis and I went around the world in one day. We started out at 8am, went to West Virgina Quilts and shopped. Here is some of my finds. Below is a selection of Fall and Christmas samples. Michelle, the owner, has a room full of these card samples. These are mostly Debbie Mumm. I have used these before and they keep their color so well after washing. I am planning on making wall hangings. Yes, I do get carried away when I go that room.

I also got some material to finish my Stacked Posies quilt that I am working on with the guild. This morning I cut binding with the stripes and the green I am putting around each Posie block to make them as large as the blocks I already had made.

We left WV Quilts around 11am going to Guhl's at Jackson, Ohio. We got there around 12:30 and ate at Bob Evan's before going to Guhl's which is in the same plaza. We shopped till about 3:30pm and headed home. Guhl's has the largest selection of fabric I know of in this area. Their material is $2.19 a yard. You can also get muslin that is 90", 97", 110" and 120" inches wide. I got some that is 97" for $2.49 a yard. The price varies by the width. Plan on staying a while when you go there and take cash cause they don't accept checks, bank cards or credit cards.


Kristie said...

Wow!!!! You really got some nice fabrics!!!! I have been to WV Quilts once or twice and really liked it. I have not had the chance to go to Guhl's yet. Mom and I have talked about going several times. I just wish that there were some stores closer, I don't like to drive too far, it always makes me nervous. So when we went to WV Quilts, mom drove!

Amelia said...

Now that Guhl's is a shop I would like to visit if fabric is that price on all of it...especially getting some at that width. Wonder if I could convince my husband we need to make a trip there.

I bet you felt like you all had been around the world in one day...tired but happy.

Gizmo said...

You did great at both shops. I can't seem to pass up Debbie Mumm fabrics either. I've never been to WV Quilts, but spent many a dollar at Guhl's. ;)