Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Binding

I think I am on a roll with these bindings. I love doing bindings. Finished another one today on Ernie's Lady Bug Mystery Quilt. That completes two projects of hers. I am sure she will be happy.

We also got another member of the family. My husband got another beagle. This is the cutest puppy! She is so active. She acts like a big dog. Jumped off the porch and fell cause the porch was a little higher than she anticipated but she didn't even act like she fell on her head, just got up and kept running.


MomThatsNuts said...

beautiful work!!!


Kristie said...

I love the mystery quilt! I still haven't finished mine!!!!

The beagle is so cute! My oldest son, is getting ready to get a beagle soon. He loves hunting and we have a million rabbits out here!!!

Gizmo said...

Beautiful job.
The pup is adorable.